Screaming Mime


Mark Blickley – Miss Unity






“Headshots” by Miss Unity




I should speak out when they abuse

This pasty-faced artist who decided to choose

Being trapped in silence with make-up queer

I may not speak, but I can hear


The taunts, the insults, and the hate

Towards street performers who refuse the bait

Of ridiculed anger through vulgar gestures

Believing performance is a continuing semester


Of learning to grow within painted smile

Ignore the assholes, concentrate on the child.

Who laughs with joy or open-mouthed wonder

Yet tosses no coins as my stomach thunders


Breaking the silence, begging for bread

My intestinal rumblings plead to be fed

A steady diet of human compassion

Through the clinking of coins in an appreciative reaction


To my ancient art and enduring hunger

Selling myself like a common whoremonger

Hoping to satisfy an insatiable crowd

In tight fitting Spandex, a seductive shroud


Ignoring lewd sneers at my exposed anatomy

That I’ve twisted and stretched in hopes it would flatter me

As my muscles contort and my body sings

A silent song that once entertained kings









Miss Unity is a writer and drag queen from upstate New York.  Her essay collection Who Killed Mabel Frost? will be published by SF/LD Books in 2023.  


Mark Blickley grew up within walking distance of New York’s Bronx Zoo.  He is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and PEN American Center.  His latest book is the flash fiction collection, Hunger Pains (Buttonhook Press). 



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