Two Poems


Coleman Edward Dues








unequal to its own task

whatever     it is     it is

what            it is

or worse yet

              it simply is     events

     take place→hell no

     that’s too simple:

          all the clock business

    with the disembodied hands

    and the telling of the better left untold

    and the luxurious spinning and whatnot

              too simple:

      all the antique globes all the

          grandfathers owned—all


              too simple:    too simple

                                    too simple:    too simple: too simple

                                                hey→Cratylus just called

                                                          he said nothing








brown silk banshee

rows. she sheens

how she wanes.

ilk or ark

behowl bewail

o rainbowabolisher

an obelisk in snakeoil.


we shrinkable broken

knowers lose bone

lose bile lose


awoken nowise

no sons no ilk no ark.

brown silk banshee winks.









Coleman Edward Dues is a poet and MFA candidate at The New School, where he serves as an editorial assistant for LIT Magazine.  As the Donald Everett Axinn Fellow at the Academy of American Poets, he helps to facilitate both the Poem-a-Day series and American Poets.  His work can be found in petrichor and SurVision Magazine. 



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