Four Poems


Dennis Formento








I am a sheep

who does not resign himself

to the ways of other sheep

And a cow blooms out of my ankle






somebody spilled the sky



somebody spilled the sky

I put an old vinyl record on the stereo

of the world as it used to be


the lamps flickered and the tracks crackled

the needle skipped a cut or two

an old black dog slipped out of the grooves

and howled


I’m looking forward to seeing that old world again

in pixels and stars

the fate of the rain

the bridge between sky and ground





The Good News



It was so cold

my shadow froze

on the wall.


The good news

is that I am immortal.

The bad news

is that I will be sick






Poem: Two Gods



Two gods worship each other at the same time

ice packs of clear blue seas ovulate in the center of the galaxy

where does it go on the bridge

the bridge to other cesspools

fallopian tunnels into other mammals

expelling Lucifer with a spoon

two gods worship each other at the same time

in spirit if not in blood and bone

there is always another god around the corner

and another hideaway home











Poet and activist Dennis Formento lives in Slidell, LA, across Lake Pontchartrain from his native New Orleans.  He is the author of Spirit Vessels (FootHills Publishing, 2018), Cineplex (Paper Press, 2014) and Looking for An Out Place (FootHills Publishing, 2010).  He edited Mesechabe: The Journal of Surregionalism and founded Surregional Press, a small press omnibus that parks well in small spaces. 



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