Obits As Verbs And Other Parts of Speech


Pat Hanahoe-Dosch







has been missing since


formerly of


where he enjoyed the sun, beach, scuba diving


and how moonlight and rising sun sparked and burned away the rising dawn
through a film of water as he lay watching beneath the ocean,
light and life filtered into blurs of color and rainbows
till the surface was unbearable, unreachable


hopefully after his body is recovered




In lieu of






died at home on


went on to earn a degree in


worked as a mathematician


married, moved, raised five children who bloomed
like dandelions, daisy fleabane, and woodland violets in a neglected lot beside an empty house


a long time facilitator


the Transfiguration


In lieu of flowers






was a member of


a native of


an avid




took tap dancing lessons that left him breathless, sweaty, giddy
and full of music in his stomach, head, chest, and everywhere blood goes in the body
like sex with his wife when they were first married and for months


is survived


In lieu of flowers consider






graduated from


survived by


took flying lessons one summer, fell in love
with the feel of air currents under metal wings,
flowing along the jet stream, rocked by trade winds, and once, the helpless toss of a Sirocco
while traveling with his wife who loved steady rocks and dirt under her feet


is preceded in death by


and welcomes the


viewing is


In lieu of flowers consider donating






surrounded by


at home


hospice hospital bed with rails that


sometimes stick


quietly but


once she shook the hand of a pope in St. Peter’s Basilica as he exited mass and stopped
to give his blessing to those in front. She had really wanted to see the Dalai Lama in India
but no one would travel with her and she was afraid to go by herself, so
she traveled with her husband and daughter to Rome and was happy, she said


a long illness




no one wants to know


how it really ended


In lieu of flowers consider donating wishes









Pat Hanahoe-Dosch’s poems have been published in The Paterson Literary Review, Rattle, The Atticus Review, Panoplyzine, Confrontation, Rust + Moth, American Literary Review, Apple Valley Review, The Red River Review, San Pedro River Review, Apt, among many others.  Her books of poems, The Wrack Line, and Fleeing Back, can be found at or at the FutureCycle Press website.  Her short stories have been published in The Peacock Journal, In Posse Review, Sisyphus, Manzano Mountain Review, and the Schuylkill Valley Journal.  





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