Fine Lines (Prose/Poems)


Sean Howard



Standing at the edge of the sea is exhilarating. This is the meeting place of terrestrial and marine life, where two ecosystems intertwine.

— Jeffrey C. Domm, Canada’s Atlantic Seashore





i. Northern Comb Jelly







perfect, I





ii. Common Northern Whelk


‘Juveniles found only in tidal pools,

larger, older individuals in

deeper water’


(Tidepool, snail-

school, spoon-

fed sea)




iii. Atlantic Slipper Shell


‘Inside resembles

a slipper with

toe cap’


(The mermaid’s

witty neck-





iv. Foxberry


Aptly, ‘creeps

along ground…’




v. Herring Gull


‘Scavenges behind

fishing boats’


(Fleet – the

traditional cloud-





vi. Greater Yellowlegs


Jazz fan –


‘Nods head continuously

when wading and searching

for food’









Sean Howard is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently Unrecovered: 9/11 Poems, Then as Now (Gaspereau Press, 2021).  His poetry has been widely published in Canada, the UK, US, and elsewhere and featured in The Best of the Best Canadian Poetry in English (Tightrope Books, 2017).  Sean Howard has work in ē· rā/ tiō 29, 26 and 24



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