Two by


Heller Levinson






tremolo churn addendum atrocity ague benumb gut cartography the illustrated history of legs through the dark clearly now upon with cheerily meager assistance


clearing like gap like fading significance like a chalice gulp close-up voided . . . politics/distort synonymous accompanying blues with sliding panels tree scramble honey pie features only the rich can afford most obviously a fear of nations come out sometime the weather is fine coats for the chill


above board overall in the very brink of clearance the wry of woodpecker the wrench of circumstance for purposes of removal collect your thoughts seize your privates cart away cast away get a clue grab a club the satisfaction of many suggests a new breed


when weep is all that is left when other compositions won’t do when all is glandular sans instrumentation no stream-through vessels tune players nothing but this body this point in time this agony this surcease this


rut.  the agony of  replication. pick up sticks.  why  .  when the when is neither & the neither fails.  pull out the stops without stopping.  sporulation.   do renditions matter?  is counterfeit antidotal?  do rules masticate?  how much drool defines senility?


wish you were here. the comfort of tribe. dismemberment prevails. the tides are worn.  weary.   weariness prevails.    call-outs cull.  cutthroats cut.


please disappear.





Will You Please Consider the consequences just for a change come up short jury still out effects ramifications points of view in the wash but for privileges what a day makes sing in the pain give it some thought over come around splash make a run get a gun magic foreclose shutter lock get a grip come up for whatever ails strike a pharmaceutical catch a train call in rain jump dabble grind stab a tune feed a lune double down slide ice guide splice strike a gander for justice for infidel for fidelity for pistachio just for a change heave hop ho hustle a  long time ago like this the book of hours

repetition sours









Heller Levinson, the originator of Hinge Theory, lives in New York.  His latest book is Seep (Black Widow Press, 2020). 



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