Italian Picture Album


Mattias Monde





Having departed.  Participation authenticates

blistering seamless containers holding less.

Negation of ceiling unlimited.  Seeing what

temperature fell yesterday on top of.  Dead

away, spirited, gone.  Peer downward hole,

ah; grasp, clasp yellow footsteps.  All gray.


End, and what waters flowing clasp bodies’

swift corpuscular counsel.  Face easterly,

eastern soil.  Face sharp cries way gone.

Walking depart.  Apart without.  And look.

Stairs ever climbing over withdrawn rungs.

Up.  Have reconciled calm.  Agitation; sudden;

taken apart.  Art part.  Which?  Cheers have

abruptly distorted; beseeching, begging.









Mattias Monde attended and/or taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northeastern University, and the University of Kentucky, attaining degrees in Anthropology and English.  His writing has appeared in Pavement Saw, Poetry Motel, Unirod, Limestone and Chance, among others.After traveling for the past five years through Africa, Asia and Europe, he now may be found in Bangkok, Thailand.



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