Three Poems


J. D. Nelson





luck hum



earth could be the friend

is that a seemer


the nice wolf

running thru the kingdom naked


gnome root

and think bock


trick schick and the pounce

a new earth bug


now earth shakes for the bats

a planet similar to earth could exist on the edge of another galaxy


         a new planet named for the silkworm





memphis has leaks



give us wax packs

using the glass opera now


mane wars here on the savanna

cat tongue on human skin


peek like a little lion

baby corn spirit


juggling cranberries

the bats out west are my friends


when the bats come whipping

yarn cola that yark


the ghost shark is thumping

now earth has babies


the rat tail is a rope

a wolf halo


I showed up with a merry stick lion

& a flanneled llama





carefully mountain gorilla now



that ape is at it again

the creeping platter


to mock the apple pie

here is a scabbard and a soda


there was cocoa in the lotto showroom

to start the hammer war with the moon


hogs why and wise

the badger coin is a sweaty dumpling


the weekly unit of cow earth is a horn toot

latitude deepener is the good bonny ball of glee


my head was in line with the planets all night

the bee was a saturn


a common search term

your move is printed on the card


half of it is a word

tomorrow earth is next


in the tree time

a wall of sugar cubes









J. D. Nelson experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory.  He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). J. D. Nelson is online at



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