Issue 12 · 2009



inside the dialectic

to understand the refraction of a wave


  by Marcia Arrieta








the line.  the balance.  the circle.

staple the head to the sea.

float.  drift.  imaginary lives.



understand the path from A to B.

the sorrow of a raindrop.




study noctilucent clouds.

close your eyes.  dream.  sleep.

try to find an answer.



binocular a feather.

pay attention.

subtle.  above the edge.







inside the dialectic



black ink.  blue paint.

estuary time.

who are you again?



over the mind.  before creating.

hesitate between.

invisible.  fluent.  suspended.



of statues.  of sorrow.

between the absolute.

the door is partially open.



breath between worlds.

impossible.  gathered.  reflected.

vague.  alive.







to understand the refraction of a wave



solace.  power.  concepts.

relativity.  quanta.

unbroken.  fields of purple.  fields of blue.

integration.  nude & trees. 

the smell of licorice in the canyon.

early morning sky before sunrise.

atoms & eyes.  three worlds.  two worlds.



strangers.  art.

in the surreal.  in cubism.

unknown forms relate.

potential.  the third infinity.

small circle sun.

lines of force in the gravitational field. 

do not write down the formula.








Marcia Arrieta is the editor and publisher of Indefinite Space.  Her poetry is featured in An Uncommon Accord (Toadlily Press, 2009).  


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