Issue 12 · 2009



Six Haiku for the Commonwealth of Independent States


  by David Chikhladze





In the green cultivations, which occupy

almost 100 thousand m2, successfully is entered

the fountain.





Shady parks have long since grown.  By magnificent

verdure are surrounded stations, apartment houses and

clubs.  There is the gassed water.





Beautiful view of the street is opened through the glass wall:

fruit trees, the as-

phalted paths.  To the driver of fork-

lift truck does not be required aid during

the installation of trashcollector and unloading

from it of rubbish.







Open air, rain,

snow, solar






The size of the play volleyball area is 9x8 m.

area is located so that the sun

would not dazzle the players: the longitudinal axis of area

must pass on the meridian (north-






Hems are daily rubbed by moist rag,

aquarium, flowers on the walls not only decorate

accomodation, but also increase the humidity of air.













David Chikhladze is writing from Tbilisi, Georgia, where he is artistic director of the Margo Dekorableva Kinotheatre Ensemble. 


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