Issue 12 · 2009



3 excerpts from n7ostradamus




2 excerpts from Bashō’s Phonebook



  compiled and translated by


Travis Macdonald







from n7ostradamus



Certainty I Question 99


The great Kink will join

With two Kinks, united in frisk.

How the great houseplant will signatory:

Around Narbon what placement for the chimeras.













from n7ostradamus



Certainty II Question 58


With neither footman nor handful because of shear and strong

Through the cruet to the forum of the pork and the electricity born:

Near the portion treacherous proclivities,

Mop shining, little great one led off.





from n7ostradamus



Certainty IV Question 20


Peanut and plenty for a long tinge the plaid will prawn:

Throughout his rearrangement the flim-flams deserted:

Boilers dead by waterproof, landmarks one will bring there,

Vainly awaiting the good flounder to be buried there.













from Basho’s Phonebook *



666:555:3: 7:666:66:3:

2:66:3: 2: 333:777:666:4[-]5:88:6:7[-]444:66:








from Basho’s Phonebook



2:8: 8:44:33: 2:66:222:444:33:66:8: 7:666:66:3:

2: 333:777:666:4: 7:555:88:66:4:33:7777: 444:66:8:666:

8:44:33: 7777:666:88:66:3: 666:333: 9:2:8:33:777:








* Note: these translations require a cell phone and active reader participation.








Travis Macdonald is a graduate of The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.  He is currently working 80-hour-weeks to keep Sallie Mae and her hungry dogs at bay.  In his spare time he publishes his work in places like Bombay Gin, Matter, Hot Whiskey and elsewhere.  His first full-length book, The O Mission Repo, is available from Fact-Simile Editions

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