Issue 12 · 2009



Lectio and

Fasting in New England


  by Mary Ann Sullivan







for Emily Dickinson



the word

comes in at first

a guest



like the morning sound

of first bird’s note


turns the soul

to wing and breast







Fasting in New England



I love fasting

during Lent

in New England


because it makes me light!

and I can run like a leaf

through the woods

in the snow

where no one else goes.


and I can swing on the birches

and lick the young branches

and hold ice from the brook

to the sun

as it drips on my face


and watch one orange sparkle

until it seems forever

an ave

will pulse

in my heart


and with fingertips

in pure white sacrament snow

write words!  words!

that only God knows.










Mary Ann Sullivan has a Doctor of Arts degree from Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire.  The poems “Lectio” and “Fasting in New England” are from the E·ratio Editions e-chap, Mending My Black Sweater.  See her video poem, de Campos Tower of Babel Revisited.  


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