Issue 22






Ren Adams





I am suddenly aware

of everything left behind—

hotel crinkle-cup,

blue jacket on bus,

silver charm in cemetery,

bag of hobo recipes, bowie knives and hats,

cassette tape roller coaster,

a ticket-shot-necklace dream,

arms locked,

the passing, intimate space

the passing, personal movement,

of place between place.


I don’t know what’s next.


That endless catastrophe of words

the sadness of image

each gesture, each form,

exists as image—a record of eventual loss.


Such a ridiculous thing, this fondness—

                                                             portal to ruin. 










Ren Adams works cross-media, from visual art installations to poetry and sound.  She has exhibited widely and has published both art and writing and currently teaches through the University of New Mexico.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including Atom Mind, Poetry Motel, Potpourri, The Great Blue Beacon and Mother Road.  Her visual art has recently been featured in Fickle Muses, Cactus Heart, The Hand and The Adirondack Review.  She is interested in the deconstruction of self as it encounters media and non-self, especially the rigors of television and the wonderful, terrible sublime of remixed anxiety and loss.  She has an MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley University and a degree in English, mentored under Thom Gunn, Charles Hood and Robert Peters.