Issue 22




No Soliciting


Deb Jannerson





we propel ourselves onto

graveled corners, cheap

pens pocketed in

hopes of the conscience of



hours tick freeze blur with

the full-pocket hundreds

shaking heads, crinkling one dollar

bills at the odds of shooting stars or



you’re doing good

they say, and

we marionette smiles at the

vain alchemy of turning morale into



the sun is a hugging

madman, volatile as the

blue shade of

the crowd’s politically pungent



clocks scream our

sunset, our release into

two hundred steps to the

hybrid, a million times as



you did good

i say, and

swoon with the heady rush of

activism, unless it’s just the

bullfrog tang in my lower











Deb Jannerson is a New Orleans-based poet and author of bildungsroman fiction, queer romance, and children’s horror and sci-fi.  Her book of poetry, Rabbit Rabbit, will be published by Finishing Line Press in January 2016.  She has stories in Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 and the forthcoming collection, My Gay New Orleans.  Her New Adult novella, Further, was shortlisted for the 2015 William Faulkner – Wisdom Award.  Her work has appeared in many magazines, including Bitch, Nola Live, and Women’s Review of Books.  Deb Jannerson is online at and