Issue 22




from “dium”


Irene Koronas




the following 3 poems are from a manuscript entitled “dium.”  a collaboration with the poets Gloria Mindock and Daniel Y. Harris.  our poems are individual but play off each others scat, word play, post human poetry.  I use lower case and rely on the readers breath for line break and punctuation.  I use some punctuation as an indication of an influence.  my poems are a reaction to what is often an expectation of what a poem is 








in contemporary landscapes human interaction characterizes pervasive mediation with intelligent agents who advance computer science and engineering phenomena once limited to fixed locations are metamorphosing from extraneous entities to implicit components of everyday computing power simultaneously enhanced and miniaturized for contemporary consumer devices demonstrate power equivalent to or greater than a personal computer from recent memory at the same time network connectivity has proliferated to ubiquitous levels reflected in the fact that inanimate objects connected to the internet have recently surpassed human population on earth digitally mediated experiences are thus no longer provincal fixed line terminals projecting virtual avatars of oneself into synthetic environments elements of that environment are extricated and placed into the physical domain in this landscape concepts augment reality has emerged as a way to visualize pervasive virtual information woven into physical environments however research on  phenomenon largely remains technical in nature our role in society remains comparative





augment flash reactions



x-tre-me angles par-vision sub-jects vertiginous

plato booth lovers co-in-side osmosis pretensions

round up lasso rear end rump roast rallies

we are lamb chop profundity wearing chicken shot

balloon ballroom fat whips up camera ready

fantasy on surreal creative expeditions

giddy up pubic hair phrases photo-shopped

mirror minor mirages barrage intentional beauty

meaning without meaning without meaning

we step over serbia what intention dismisses

cake frosting covers private parts shoved out front

images at an angle fishnet storks chock on plastic lines

repeat lines 3 or 7 sugar cube art-less-a-rt-ar-t-l-ass poetry

de-construction site chaucer wearing rub-her suit

wolf-gang lickers up family traits eddy can jump rope

at least eddy can bunjie jump at x-tre-me angles





delightful lunatics



an outcome playing in slow motion night rotates 50 altered states 50 ways to spank lunatics hollow years grind secrets while virgins shuffle marathon sex after open heart surgery people talk about sneak peek playgrounds as if unified universal want becomes fruit skins thrown into compost rotten anxiety riddles condoms for wooly mammoth for cheese slices and hard cherry candy for inclusion he writes for poor muses on the upper ward floors macho tight jean with orange hair he jerks off on paper madness raisin’s his oatmeal he says beans are nasty string theory plastic funny farm possibility material traps with cleaver success he couldn’t avoid being part shaman cook he cuts his arms he cuts open books for fuel for hard work blisters squashed by electric shock










Irene Koronas has a fine arts degree from Mass College of Art Boston.  She is a multi media artist working with paint, collage, mono-printing, artists’ books, poetry and photography.  She is currently the poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review.