Issue 22




Kuhn’s Nude, Duchamp’s Paradigm


Mark Young





There are

     passages of time

          that redefine the way

               we see the world. No

                    one particular moment,

                         though somewhere within

                              must be a turning point.

                                   Rather action / reaction,

                                in a frame by frame

                             process, an incremental

                                  transition, much as in

                                       that painting by Duchamp

                                            where the nude descends

                                                 a staircase, step by step,

                                                        each step depicted,

                                                     each bringing with it

                                                  all the ones before.










Mark Young is the editor of the online review, Otoliths.  He lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia and has been publishing poetry for more than fifty-five years.  His work has been widely anthologized and his essays and poetry have been translated into a number of languages.  He is the author of over thirty books, primarily poetry but also including speculative fiction and art history.  A new collection of poems, Bandicoot habitat, is out from gradient books of Finland.