3 Haiku & A Poem


Apryl Miller





3 Haiku 1988



Far below, frigid

water swirling, deep currents,

he falls to angels.




Air would vibrate, tongues

Lashed, sirens screamed; now, apart,

The air is empty.




Unlike us, he could

not be held by this world.  His

home, now shelf, box, ashes





The Where and The How (Peter Pan Man #9)



You will come to know me where you found me, not on vacation, nor on out of town trips, but in the place where you came to seek me.


I cannot be known in the idleness of still time, nor with empty distractions of flight schedules and car rentals.  Not in the stuffing and cramming of the endless day.  For what is stuffing but that which fills our childhood toys.  One tear and it all falls out. 


You will come to know me in the rhythm of daily life and it is how you know me that I will be as I truly am.


I will not do merely because you want, but what I do will be enough.


In the rhythm of daily life I will come to know you as that is how I found you.  And it is how I know you that you will be as you truly are.


We begin with a question that has an answer.


What is the first beat of the day.


Are you promise or are you fruition?


I await your best.



September 21, 2007









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