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Poet and illustrator Tomáš Přidal has published seven printed books of poetry and prose including Everything has the Colour of Soap (1996), A Hiccough from the Viewpoint of Literary Theory (1998), Man in my Bath (2000), Deposited Conversations (2003), The Coconut Ape (2004), Voices in a Biscuit (2007), Piquant Cops (2011) and two online books, Pontiak (2011) and Chair fears not the dead (2014).  His poems and drawings were published in electronic magazines Word For/Word: A Journal of New Writing, Cafe Irreal, E·ratio 21, 3:AM Magazine and the comics magazine Stripburger.  He plays the guitar in the duo Deceased Squirrel On The Phone.  Tomáš Přidal is online at