Three Poems


Timothy Collins





Blasted Conscience



the sky is enclosed,

folded back on itself like

an airline hanger while

below, in a psychotropic haze,

euphoria and depression

spin like wheels in a

slot machine – hope is as

arcane as the lake poets

yet some light hither

leads us on



this genuine, refined disaster –

blasted conscience –

I meander where only

I can breathe


my obsession makes me

blush, but true it is:

another age folded neatly

in this tabernacle


in this wireless age, love

and self-destruction are a

smog smeared across the

past. the stars are klieg

lights to this undesiring

wish for death, panning

slowly left to right



Look, we are alike

its’s like a mirror

only nothing changes

except someone’s









paint these psycho-

somatic events with


image schemas to

make the feet touch

the earth, home

& safe


the wisterias hang, sit

still and ponder. The air

is empty. The light is

full. Desire is personified

in the foliage. Sounds

hum and buzz and stir.



the world becomes increasingly

real – no god lies behind

those shadows or that

horizon – the forms are

the forms of what are,

concrete mysteries: fleeting,

spiraling, revolving. I do

a double take – the empty

catafalque, the breeze in

this room are absurdly real





The Same Trunk



as the profane were

lost in an attempt

to flee, the tribe

simply coalesced into

a vegetal organism –

a league of limbs

serving the same trunk


the city disappears

into the landscape

as seamlessly as

a panning shot


the will of the

world cares little

for this human folly


it’s our charge to

guard the sovereign

vision, the solitary

voice of the earth,

the tribe in the

hither and thither of

the unitary way









Timothy Collins teaches college writing at SUNY Buffalo State.  He holds an MA in English Literature.  His poems appear in a number of literary magazines and academic journals, most recently BlazeVOX, The Waggle and The Quint.  His scholarship appears in peer-reviewed academic journals.  Recent publications include “Wu-Tang Clan versus Jean Baudrillard: Rap Poetics and Simulation” in The Journal of Popular Culture and an article on Lacan and Poe in Symbolism: An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics