The Crease In The Very Near Distance


George J. Farrah







The loot loops swaying opposition
Grants enrolled throughout the populace
Revolving gov. wobble with vouchers for all

An ultimate merit argued with harm
Into the mob they say mix with forearm and fuss
A modest educated conveyance
Gossip interface ideas fined

Part rapture part deceptive
Gorge of Sunglasses diffuse

The saucy expert of happiness
A rudiment of hangmen






Fur filtering mute mockery
Ideal fusion expert exploitation
Lying knowing hypocritical happy

Rim referee name redundance
Indolent fire diligent convocation
Speaker spring parsonage mess
Inscrutable insane asylum

Particular mercantile snarl
Wet work unfounded travesty
Ruler rest quiet prance overthrow
Keep on impostor imploring implant


Kodak labyrinth knuckle
End gear yawn gape gale
Overseer  a partial interest
In hell explaining this

Unnoticed uneven twist
In twilight royal postage load
Justifier guard ulcer thievery
Spry spurious rousing march
Rash contestant for transparent typesetter






The mocking ones fell through
The flimsy floor hunting its source

The diluting rain became a rule
Which saved them a dumpishness

Exhorting and ignoring a dig
With stability
The smugglers horn killed the messenger

A nodding later a whimsy sold them
Strapped to the helm
Now respectful as merchants






The chowder guard wear mohair
The spell of the decade tooth whine
The rain ratchet and more thing to rabbit
As swells of graphite
The hit the hoke the pitch

In planes of very scale
Span inventing
Appellation throughout the trees






The bondage of the elements bombard
The droll cosmology
Green manure entreats hope
A disposal for cold cream
Bone meal light meter cosmic eye

The dentists conjugate for the rights of bridges
Caught in a cause tiger trigger Cain
Bayonet bayou amateur blame
Certainty entraps the entourage of ideograms

Drive shafts planted to iron the soil
Cyclone fence rot rosewood shark
Theory velcro fear of venture velvets
Ride rickshaw pass from government
Obese with objects numerical nymphs






The perpetual closing walls of violets
A rosined branch the doll remembering
A gasp of prowl in the breakage
Cake bone gold asterisk

The hatch become a hasp
The embargo lumps
The leash wish fixated
A drain in the center of the mandela

The baffle open back spin
The ream of the kettle drum
Hence the drone over wisdom
The curd of discussion installed
Developing cast and curriculums






Cement collate cause exile
A gate going tremendously
Minnows level the playing field
A nickel shock moves like a glacier

And enemy ditto comments
A barrow darts free
Backwash of indents
A context of intents
Camping over the street






The expository freeway held him captive
A fanning droth on his shield
Denuded the path shows its rebar
And absence of chrome all around and no shovels

So lyric displacement for the sidewalk
A key punch face yowling

The out put of him outlasts dishcloth
The dishonor of the barn falling
A barracuda of children descended on the dog
What was our knowledge off stage

A bonfire of bears beaming
Climbing the fiend finds the fifth amendment
Blush wine on bone china rust on his mouth
Embattled cider diatomic spiders dictating

A conjure a conniption a chroma
A cling a card a downcast
Downhill the ceiling of chain a downedbeat
Fantasy concerns impeccable errors

The hatchery griffins in Pyrex
A rut of safe deposits sadly
An outrage an over flow a starvation
Overflight acoustic brush a blackout






Within the mote fire was freely
Tooth planet a rouge of a starlet

The exponent of his travel was nothing
Bail counted as a cog did

His biscuit remembered a move
Mechanics of a sappy year

Oil knowing fire as an interim
Exuberant  off year



To certify this disguise is taken
In a force of ion harvests
A colic of breaking down impulses
A moist cone a freight of
Native memories excite this
Through the hashish of morning air









George J. Farrah works in the Black Mountain/Post Language schools of writing.  He holds an MFA from Bard College, NY.  He is the author of a full length book of poetry, The Low Pouring Stars, and a pamphlet, Insomniac Plum (Ravenna Press), and a chapbook, Walking as a Wrinkle (Moria Books, Locofo Chaps.)