Feeling Not at All to Somewhat Digital

for Sarat


Kathryn Hummel





To write
tween ‘digital writing’
          to be
          to understand
the rhetorical situation of a text
ask yourself questions; look up references


A digitally literate person will possess
          a range of
          knowledge of
          an understanding of
societal issues raised by digital technologies


you have to understand the rules to break them


you will understand how
                                            after studying this chapter.


It’s important to think upfront
form expectations about, for example,
what will happen next


(you can!)


Engage with digital writing
always/hourly/daily/weekly/every so often
Nothing in


You can reach
much wider audiences
than a physical event would allow
Often you can find content
fore Google
is able to even index it.


How often do you shrug your shoulders
press delete
after reading a marketing email?


People accept the digital easily enough
by thinking of it as electronic

An analogue watch tells the time

with hands round a dial,
so if the hour hand
            sweeps across
If you then
make the disk spin
as the traveller slowly moves
            Then there’s no sound—
the magnet is not activated—
            and so…


We come across so many analogue computers
                                                                            we hardly notice



There is a new guy at my school and I think he’s cute,
funny and sweet, but what kinds of
digital media does he engage with?

You can
 ask your readers for tips.

You can ask any sort of question you want
as long as it fits your brand.


‘Written content doesn’t exist without authors’—
you may
be com-
pelled to yodel from a social media mountain!


What websites do you frequently access and why?
           No comment.
Someone will have to click History to show top sites


           I knew then
that the book’s migration
to the digital realm would not

This is Schrödinger’s equation read as
‘the Hamiltonian of the wave…’


If you‘ve never played
a leadership or management role at work, don’t panic!
Your work is automatically protected
                                                              the moment you write it



As you
come clear about the meaning of your story,
you can bring
your story to life, taking us into that moment of change.


‘You‘ve Got Luddites All Wrong.’
You should know your ending
fore you start writing.
‘You can also sip a wine named Luddite.’

For more on electronic copies,
                                                       see the next few situations.


Your eyes may feel fatigued from
the glow of the monitor,
the strain of
            that will make you sick with insecurity
            that will make you salivate
at the thought of dissecting traffic


It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed


 need a dream to use as an ally

I am convinced from your love of liberty
that you will endeavour to write a sequel.
In life,
you do not have to know its name
to do a thing well.


(I’m also a woman academic and I agree wholeheartedly with your response)


We are all accountable to, and for,
the things we have written

Specifically: software developers.

We must learn to humanise digital life
as actively
as we’ve digitised
human life.









Kathryn Hummel is the author of Poems from Here, The Bangalore Set, The Body That Holds, splashback and the forthcoming Lamentville (Math Paper Press).  Uncollected, her digital media/poetry, non-fiction, fiction and scholarly research has been published, performed and presented worldwide.  A former Pushcart Prize nominee and writer in various residences, Kathryn holds a PhD for studies in narrative ethnography, lives between Australia and South Asia and edits “Travel. Write. Translation” for Verity La.  Kathryn Hummel is online at