One Poem and 14 Haiku


Sheila E. Murphy








Let me be

fatigued with you,

excused from


view a screen


just us in blossom

near the open window

wind and fragrance


to bring home

quiet happiness

with arms around

a meal of sleep





14 Haiku



hymnal, hymen, him, a buttered rum




cinema, Ma Kettle, the fingering for F-sharp above middle C




hampering the hamstrings, quality of being overdone, rotund




out-of-kilter homonym, first born, little lamb a-linger




filtration system, all the H2O you want, Ringling Bros, a fool




cast your fat where fate, a windy day upon the proletariat




within storm shelter, greed-love made, unwhispered sadness




Montparnasse, faculty of silver, stretch goals in recession




Reveille, unraveled darkness, tuck pointers’ advancing paws




livestock chair, state fair governance, silver silhouettes




repair of verb forms, medicinal as improvised, sutures taut




unlearned officials, thin digs at warm weather unauthorized




Noon meal, buttered noodles, Ian bringing in the mail




veritas, by degrees all yellow haze, what happened in the park









Sheila E. Murphy treasures language (Pass it on).  She is an avid individual and collaborative textual poet and visual poet.  Her consulting work serves both public and private-sector clients.  She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  Sheila E. Murphy at Wikipedia.