Audacity City


Mark DuCharme







The brute parts went elsewhere

In the glamour of a turmoil

Where Belmondo & Seberg kiss

Quietly as somewhere else


To know that love is brutal

Or exhaust its vividness

& Everything brimming with light

In windows where I don’t see


Hate pretty as rotten elsewheres

& The carelessness in your eyes

Which splatter all they know

In the force of song which rhythm breeds


Drenched in bleak photography

& Everything brimming with light

To live in the mysterious night which tracks us

Petty in our care


Brutal without number

& The form of skies awakening

Quietly as somewhere else

Bursting through trees






The heat swells

    & I’m still not sure

To sleep in separate

    Rounds, as if

Faded up the street

    In a haunting motif

Midnight less than double

        Brilliant when wicked

    Love dies

Turning music

    Wrong floor upward

When we exploded

        Into night








Mark DuCharme is the author of The Unfinished: Books I-VI (2013), among many other volumes of poetry.  Most recently, Counter Fluencies 1-20 was published in the print journal The Lune (2017), and We, the Monstrous: Script for an Unrealizable Film is soon to appear from The Operating System.  His poetry is recent or forthcoming in Caliban Online, Colorado Review, Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, Futures Trading, Monday Night, Otoliths and Word For/Word.  He lives in Boulder, Colorado.