Three Poems


Erik Fuhrer





[god is liquid in the tempest]



of carbon atoms that


and chatter

         pattern upon

the sky that was just a stain of blood


toothbright inside

insight into the molecular spattern of light

grotesque aftersin


calculate the velocity

of all those bodies

that stagger so swiftly

to the tune of an openwide satisfied stutter to the stagger of





[simple toxins]



                              secreted by

         invertebrate skin cells

                                      matriculate in bloodurine

       your body

                           is hemmorageswing


temporary solution:


                   your pores

      to the sound                         of wail belly


                                      your lipcrossed


                                                                   in the cicadic night





[an indication that there are not enough fracked fissures]



a whole mile of hole

                        will extend the life

                of an imaginary body

                                         a body

                                                  that’s scribbled

          with holes

                             without lungs

                             without breath

                             without body                                   a fraction

                                                 of the fissured frack

        a snap

                  in the weight

                                     of naphthalene

              a squatter of matter

                                         tipping the splatter

to the surface








Erik Fuhrer holds an MFA from the University of Notre Dame.  His work has appeared in BlazeVox, Dream Pop Press, Crab Fat Magazine, Noble/Gas Qrtrly, and various other venues.  He currently lives in Indiana with his wife.