Saturn Stamps


Emma Roper-Evans & India Roper-Evans





Mars winks

Dull orange


Promising violence as

Saturn rages up above

Stamping his feet

Drumming against

Peaks and castles

Venting his spleen

In horizontal rain

Tearing his thick hair

Howling through the murk

Rods of lightening

Plummet into jets

Sending electric trickles

Over sodden landscapes

Silver, Tangerine, Jade

Shimmer under

Contradictory skies

Blinking blue and balmy

Through wafts of gunmetal

Holding all inhabitants to account

The town goes dark

As the sky gets light

Saturn has switched

The world off

Whilst containing his ire.

Ghosts of clouds float by

Insubstantial, eerie

Half cast dreams


A white dog wanders

Round the derelict factory

Regardless of shards

Smashed windows hit by

Stormy gods

Shaggy and surefooted

He stands beneath ancient graffiti

Waiting for the tempest to move over

But it goes on falling

Drip, smack, smatter

No contest

Weather wins

No arms can hold back rain

Mouths unable to swallow seas

Heat fells us all

Outfoxed by climate

We can only stand patiently

As the white dog

Lingering for the results of

Our lunacy to drift elsewhere

Hoping to feel dry once more


Swallows plunge dangerously

Tasting sweet pool water where

Artists lazily swim

Turquoise bodies in

Cool liquid flowing

Dreaming of grants and space

To work with



Half built houses

Unkempt, discarded

Layers of concrete

Crowns of rust

Static delinquents

Taking up space for zero

Memento mori to



Slatey cats vanish into walls

Camouflaged witches

Purring spells as they fade to


Miniature dogs bark with abandon

Tiny tails wagging

Guarding sturdy gates using

Keen titchy teeth


Locals stare unashamedly

Goggling out of car windows

Amazed by fence playing


Filling the valley with

Bright sound


Countering rain

Saturn’s swagger


Notes traced on railings

Coaxed out of trees

Earthly answers to


Ringing in air

Soaking into ground

Aural blanket for

Disgruntled gods

Who sleep

Soundly now

Wrapped in






Atina Art Residency work 2018.  Place: the old Atina paper factory.










Emma Roper-Evans is online at edrestories.comIndia Roper-Evans is online at