two twenties


Steve Potter





Jaded Diaphragm Alliance Flip Man



Diaphragm embrace contingent clan

fuzzy dust sharp tack iteration step

San Francyst ouch    Gold unGrated Dirge

airport barrister banister bump


Man messages spider picture

burden tummy egalitarian

backslide burner    distant relation

sauce production temerity siphon


Alliance generator smile malfunction

perpendiculous parallelogrammar

subtle foreign coping mechanism

genealogy meander split shot


Flip drive    stun grunt pizza stone gravel quarry

shoemaker’s awl soles day of labor

busybox container involvement

political potty    contribute


Jaded ibis    ruby redbreast    orange flicker

bird-brain encephalitis

astrophysicyst    sterile lance ooze

galactic slime mold jello shape





Double-Stick Curmudgeon Suit Knick-Knack Mind



Curmudgeon gerrymander ice cream float

boathouse helicopter launch pad ghost

Spongebob for applesauce    puddle of glue

fried ephemeral spark wolf nugget


Suit jacket buttered magneto magnate

multitude periphery    Sweet Jane

diaphanous bunny harem teen dream

sultry burlesque kitten slurry


Double-stick tape recorder smudge incident

concerto operation blood transfusion

superhero comic stand-up guy

goodfella    bad apple    orange Julius


Mind applause    curtain up  down

A Chorus Line    a choir dash    period

supple variations of cheese mongering

fashion sensibility    smock


Knick-knack paddywhack give the dog a bong

Shakedown Street Hassle    Grateful Reed

the long and winding Toad the Wet Sprocket

“she sells sanctuary” sang the Cult









Steve Potter is the author of the comic-noir collection Easy Money & Other Stories.  His writing has appeared in journals such as Blazevox, Golden Handcuffs Review, Marginalia, Pacific Rim Review of Books, Otoliths and is forthcoming in Word For/Word.  He writes about books and literature at and is an admirer of the late Jackson Mac Low, whose collection Twenties inspired these poems.