Three Poems


Suzanne Verrall








a grand old dame

playing piano in the dark

show tunes from her days

in the spotlight

refusing to pay the electricity bill

even though she lives in a mansion

and the frost is hard





Street Shadows



the cat is an evening ghost

with its collar

turned up against the cold


its loping strides

carrying it away

from a busy day at the office


and into a night

of looking in at windows





Society Street



the Jack Russell terriers

in bright spangled ruffs

are dancing and twirling

for loose change on the corner


while promenading on hind legs

like highwire walkers

the Great Danes

push their offspring in prams









Suzanne Verrall lives in Adelaide, Australia.  Her flash fiction, essays and poetry appear in Atlas and Alice, Flash Frontier, Archer Magazine, Lip Magazine, Poetry NZ Yearbook, Australian Poetry Journal, and others.