Three by


harry k stammer





sponge face




lips’ beam

“lights up” laugh (ing’d)

pushed off a layer (atcha) time

“that’s dur-ra-tion, yeah?” yea’s

“who is Falstaff’s” gardener (but-a)

another layer






jesus jumped back



(over) hitting a fence

a another (fence) register’d

“lay down!” said on growth

(a)’n acceptance particular that

wrap (a) round (my) wrist “my camera”





“which one?”



one (off) nail (d)


“can you feel your hair growing”

one had

two feet

(another)’d hand square

feet blood slip (ing)’t propped up from









harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA USA. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), and grounds (Otoliths); and tocsin, the third and last in the series about LA’s homeless, following on from tents and grounds, was released in 2019 (Otoliths).  His latest books, sidewalkss and walls’t’s, were both published earlier this year by Concrete Mist Press and Sandy Press, respectively. harry is also the co-editor with Mark Young for  Recent harry k stammer noise verse/music is posted on bandcamp




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