Thomas Lowe Taylor


engage aside    no grey stuff   peals into what's been said between spasms
allow no central forms do becalm your own partitions now and then another
loot to palm or aspire within no matter needed for invasion who says no
matter at musk and sent'er sentry and psalm to the abounded replies now

thirty-two                                                                              anabasis 02

internal information, as told your lettuce informed within disturbances:
yellow nancies fold aside their private parts and enliven sensibility
within partitions and hands-across-the water, as has, so let;
and in disturbance, you feel your names asided and made replete within
experience, denote
one hundred four                                                                                   anabasis 02

foremost trails taken behind the grid her eyes gleaming through the mist on
the road you scheme and dunce your famous ringo into something flat and
grand and made aloud like shouting inside your head the sunlight passing
through your hands again

one hundred eleven                                                                                   anabasis 02