Core edge (Atelier Douze)


David Annwn





Di sotto in sù, definitely


to Palestrina

an approach

looking up from below

Correggio in duomo di Parma

or prospettiva melozziana

                  to see as hawk sees


opening flat ceilings


deception, a deep recession

dissimulations and simulations

deep into


The clouds rift suddenly - look there

I say you now look here

Said with increasing vehemence


Am I walking / shirtback wet bedragglement /

into eternity along the Portico San Luca


city and the low foothill-clouds

green hillside


shout you hear the echo-Eco-

                                                    Ecco si beato giormo

Allesandro Striggio


The standing wave 

of sky

with praising voices 


a blaze of merging and dis-

merging voices

breathlessly coming and going

sheened across immensity


and zephyrs


voices forming

seeking their ways through







follow the thread one way

reach living plant or animal:

other: needle, cloth,

weft and swatch





towards me in a beautiful black dress full of swifts or swallows the lightning-twigs they sit on crossing the space sharp as lightning





as on the prairies at  -----------

A setting out, a fashion, a peregrinage, a putting of the worst foot forwards, 


a runway of religion with wings folded back, 


an ‘every step takes us closer to the source and further away’, passe over the see on peregrinage, 


simultaneous of two ways passing through one another in a moment


a way to core or edge, the ephemeral, the fugitive, coraggio, as to Rome, 


to Jerusalem, a dimensionless perspective, a Via Malcontenta. Among these are the clothes, staff and rosary


 Embroudered was he, as it were a mede

Al ful of fresshe floures, whyte and reede


Short was his gowne, with sleves longe and wyde


birds swift shadows 

under / over leaves


the heavy woollen skirts of flying angels are suspended in still air in random disarray


the random look of the breaking angles, each fold perfectly followed through

and seeming to obey


swifts enter the stratosphere and sleep a-wing

Pull down thy vanity Paco Rabin


sudden thing

of being




sunset grand couturier


noon deified noon

plane trees fingers sprout buds in air

the whipping of flags or standards

swirling of banderoles with names or

utterances or mottos


the baker and butler’s citational performativity

foregrounding the linguistic




Entering these early galleries, feel becalmed — 


by the ethereal music — and dazzled — by items worn by popes from three centuries

each building built for this music

and entered entire as a printed emblem, codex as spatialised practice.


dalmatic Pope Pius IX, a heavy garment whose golden embroidery depicts stalks of wheat and bunches of grapes, references to the body and blood cope, a vast semi-circle of glossy white silk embroidered with scenes of the Nativity and the Marriage; and a papal tiara encrusted with 19,000 gemstones.


When human bodies cross from the earthly to the divine.

where do you think you are?

Prelate (trellised

entranced, mazed, bewildered, purpured, stamen-ed, flurried in furze)

of the rawness grove



 What is the current that makes machinery / Of your court and courtesy / meshed him and starred him with variety / that makes it crackle / of your vein and venery / green tendrils gartered him / that presents a long line / of chariot and your charity / briary-loops galloon him / Where is the serene length / Of lock stock and loquacity / with splinter-spike / and a necessary waist / of city and dis-simultaneity / and broken blossom / only white and red are black / of raddled hosiery / royal needlework / A blue coat is guided guided away / ruby petal-points counter / that is the particular color


social fabric is curtain

Loy’s ‘harlequin’ buttonholes Shiaparelli

and Gertrude’s woolly ‘Basket’ in Balmain’s atelier


Latin name: Fringilla montifringilla

Male: The male brambling has a grey-blue head and an orange breast. They have dark wings with orange bars, and a white belly and rum


a griffonage, a wonder-wander, a 

Vele men makeþ to god sacrefices of uestinges, of peregrinages : pilgrymages], of ssarpnesses of bodye.

We understonde that our well-beloved clerc Maister William passe over the See on peregrinage, as to Rome, to Jerusalem, and to other Holy Places..Wee..have licensied hym


Look (!)                                     !

Io lifts like an ore-bearing moon

from the end of Correggio

what satellite


discovered by Galileo

silicate rock surrounded by

molten iron or iron sulphide core.


Volcanic plumes paint the surface

In subtle shades of yellow, red, white,

black and green


Diana in Camera di San Paolo


The vault is an example of illusionistic painting

Mimicking a pergola

Opening to the sky

A fifth space at least into smoother dark matters

threading tract ate us

always fractallic receding further

playful egging us


Borders on


brio bravura


thorn of crowns - theregrowing

wherewithals and mayhap-


in tatters of air:

in bandereaux


esperanza spalding




                       if I wanted to – I’d-a never-known

musics in the space of dome





     an insinuation                       simple

          above  parade                         whirlpool whirled

              mystery hurled                         about the abyss



an allegory of an allegory









David Annwn’s most recent book of poetry is Resonance Field (2021) and his work features in The Edge of Necessary, Welsh Innovative Poetry and Blackbox Manifold 25 (2021).  His poetry collaborations with master-calligrapher Thomas Ingmire were the subject of an exhibition at California Book Club, San Francisco in 2016.  He has read at Caffe Trieste with Jack Hirschman and Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and has delivered filmed readings at the Hepworth Gallery, Yorkshire UK and in settings throughout Europe.  His poetry is featured in eight films by San Francisco film-maker Howard Munson, including ‘Jeu de Marseilles.’  He is a recipient of a Cardiff International Poetry Award. 



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