temple by


Jonathan Chan








speaking in the fluency

of exile, a figure watches

the foam withdraw from rugged

rock. the same withering tug that

compels the coming and

the going, the leaving and

forgetting. language spills

like fire from a mouth, terror

bursting from within. a disaffiliate

affinity. bodies strain against

conditions of heat. a mismatch.

a misfire. belonging kindles in

the language of islands. the

water vanishes in a horizon

of blue. an emerald bell speaks

for the unspoken. a pit of yearning

resolves in a tune. skies open over

a chasm. chaos learns to be

composed. a single word speaks

planets into being. for goodness

and from goodness. he says hello

to the courage that bleeds from

fear. he finds in the pit of longing

the aching jaw of becoming.









Jonathan Chan is a writer and editor.  Born in New York to a Malaysian father and South Korean mother, he was raised in Singapore and educated at Cambridge and Yale Universities.  He is the author of the poetry collection going home (Landmark, 2022) and Managing Editor of poetry.sg.  Jonathan Chan is online at jonbcy.wordpress.com



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