Solar Sinai

         for Gregory Corso


Joshua Corwin







Sun drip into a weary willow abyss

Clenched-fist generation peers into blindness

Another generation pierces blindness


And when the world gave me thunder

You stood upright and said, No!


Homeless sun spilling over dreams,

echoing stars stark

drenched in wet dark,

naked life-imprisoned beams


Sun rip across the highway!

Cradle yourself, on your knees!

Go down, Sun! Go down!







Sun, why are you so cruel,


Tonight, you are so golden

And there is nothing but flames—charcoal towers

O sun, why do you count

dead blessings and laugh? Woe is opening me up

I want to burn you—but I

need ice

And I’m already frozen by heart in quicksand woe

You, Sun.


I want to bury my head in

stars, be frozen like a

ghost awaiting chains, but

the dead can’t treat

themselves to heaven dharma dead in the flow

when you are burning up eschewing flowers


O sun, why do you encircle echoes

rainbows and all things don’t matter when you’re

calm and peaceful, heaven is just mud to me and

acquiescence—I am so over the lies I taught you

tired, so tired of these lies and hope

Flames! O sun! Why can’t

you just let me be blind on

my own time? Why must

you shove your embers down the do-nothing—

down my throat and singe into the weeping—

My face shadowing woe and why—


O sun, you are dark devouring and still divine

lightning and I can’t

appease your soft allure of

insanity! O sun, where have

they taken you? I want you and all your lies

Sun, I want you and I need nakedness bathing

You. I need your dead skin opening bloodshot



O sun—fuel-engine-rip apart free

Disaster! I want to shine, open up heaven, shine

your eyes out with ocean

And bliss, ending in a slow and broken SCREAM

Silent assonance or a view

from heaven where I’m at the crossroads of Earth

Cloaked in god and god is TOO NAKED TO BE

a rainbow and I don’t WANT TO WIELD YOU,

know how to speak—how TO EERIE ERUPT

to remember—how to be

anything but a prayer, a WOE MAKER

prayer shone from

darkness, down my WOE MAKER

window, up the flight of

stairs, across the endless WOE STREAM

river, dripping droplets, BEND MY LIE, BEND

My body beaming bright UNTRUTH! TEARDUST

and brilliant, but it is sun AND YOU ARE HOPELESS

and I’m part of your TRIAL, O YOU SICK, SICK! SICK!

sick flames and we’re just SICK AND DEWDROPPING

burnt up in this sick heaven


so why bother to chant

your name. You’ll always

burn up into NEVER.

A place where I cease to










Joshua Corwin, a Los Angeles native, is a neurodiverse, 2-time Pushcart Prize-nominated, Best of the Net-nominated poet and Winner of the 2021 Spillwords Press Award for Poetic Publication of Year.  His poetry memoir, Becoming Vulnerable (2020), details his experience with autism, addiction, sobriety and spirituality.  He has lectured at UCLA, published alongside Lawrence Ferlinghetti and read with 2013 U.S. Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco.  He hosts the poetry podcast “Assiduous Dust,” writes the weekly “Incentovise” column for Oddball Magazine and teaches poetry to neurodiverse individuals and autistic addicts in recovery at The Miracle Project, an autism nonprofit.  Joshua Corwin is online at



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