Written on Vapour


Massimo Fantuzzi





Written on Vapour #3



Outside this shower a yellow cab

would restore dignity

to vanished wits.


My primula lulls in morning sleepiness, fuddled

dew the frail remains of our spirit hide

under Aeolus’ fancy and affirmation.

Lapse from the ordinary,

reel on a Plexiglas page, see a droplet

sliding jittery in its plummeting stance

a pale memory evading somehow unscathed

from the fragmented light invading.

Shower and crystal tiles, hear me

whispering Paradise inside a towel gone

all queer around your head. All

soaked, everything eclipses,

the stories washed off our skin find here

their just dispersal into deeper seas. I say

keep the taxi waiting.





Written on Vapour #5



A storm strikes lambent about

the scoured canvass, away with the tide is

our play for today, the fair wish less distant.


Whirl born of foaming shores

the many lives ago I sparred, sands on a

web knock at the south window their case,

a spittle of live lips, a whoosh from a tempo

suburbia-sewn. The electric

surface of clouds swarms seductive

over winded mill and

through this paintbrush’s intuition.

Nectar, tirelessly after

churning sure work of reservoir

syrup, dripping. Your resulting ache,

gunky, swathed,

I will scull away.









Massimo Fantuzzi is a British-Italian dual national born in Milan author of the collection of poems and prose poems Marcia Gioie (Alkalea, 1999).  He lives in Leicestershire, where he works in special education.  Member of the editorial board at Triggerfish Critical Review, his poems have recently appeared in Alba, Orbis, The North, The Honest Ulsterman, Poetry Salzburg Review, BlazeVox, Bombay Gin, Menacing Hedge, Night Picnic Press, Grey Sparrow Journal, In Parentheses, Quail Bell, Poetica Review, Morphrog, and elsewhere.



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