what was said and unsaid


John C. Goodman





elide the elision


what was lost remains lost

        even if found

a permanent hollow in space-time


all is hidden in time

        the germ in the seed

                the echo in the wind


I don’t need a picture; a memory is enough


remembering ambiguous blurs

        wriggling like embryos

                hatching into malformed arpeggios

                        stinging spines and bad tempers


the past is an evil land

        of wrongs and unfortunate decisions

                of hurts and mistreatments

                        of misunderstandings


I should have said…









Canadian writer and Pushcart Prize nominee John C. Goodman has published four collections of poetry as well as a novella and a novel (which was short-listed for an Arthur Ellis Award).  He is the past editor of ditch, an online magazine of experimental poetry, and is the current editor of Trainwreck Press



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