A Log of Interactions Between Me and a Neural Network I Trained on South Asian Devotional Poetry


MH Kaisth





[(“dog”), 5]

        The dog was barking your name,
         my Lord, as I turned away
         from the marketplace. I wore
         through my sandals
         following that dog.


[(“dog”, “blue”), 2]

        O Lord, o love,
         you are the dog and the blue moon.


[(“end”), 4]

         The end of all days
         that is coming
         sits in my mind,
         a boat of stone.


[(“end”, “want”), 1]

        You hold me, you end want on my tongue.


[(“gold”), 5]

        Your name ringing
        above me, above the sky
         is a bell. Your name ringing
         above the sky is gold
         is a bell of gold.


[(“gold”, “dark”, “want”), 3]

        With you by my side
        I am gold, I want
         dark and you.


[(“car”), 2]

        The sacred drums, car,
         beats you a crown.


[(“train terminal”), 1]

         Our train terminal love.


[(“car”, “end”, “network”), 3]

         My Lord of end loves
        network, your car
        bends low to me.









MH Kaisth is a computer scientist, artist and poet based in Chicago.  He is currently a Global Leadership Fellow at Waseda University.  He was the 2019 UChicago New Voices in Poetry Student Reader and runner-up in the Vermont Poetry Society’s 2020 national contest.  His work has appeared in Another Chicago Magazine, the Zimmerli Museum, Mountain Troubadour and Commiserate.  MH Kaisth is online at mhk.dev



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