Three Line Whip


Paul A. Green





browned milk was very ambient

blitz kids in corridor

passing out our snow guns


tanked phallus in ersatz wand formation

croaked root computed loss factor

a stained madrigalist fired


lamposts falling

red pictures of rockets

you’ve lost your deposit


white greasy that crowning thrust/thrust

a trick of boring

absence in cycled years@years


no the memories pattern

reddening much

neck muscle withering


all over syntax is all over

breaking out the big wine

nude cellophane worlds


beauty as best beast

an instant feathered green

memory grass


droplets magma

the jerk of the annexe

speeds blood


its sapience poor performance

slap dung earth cleave

more sacred lumps


brownish milk is very ambient

I’m being thought

a small bearded confederate


underlining in narrow pencil

‘those were good lives, my son’

but the blankets were smelling


it was 1956

his rage (orange)juice was curdling

‘you’ll do as you’re told’


he had to convince himself

it was good by casting lots

his blood was up


they should have had some sort of regulator

to improve sifting the journals

where figures glisten so horny


whatever the weave the product whistles along

and I’m getting sentimental over your

produce of white letters


but the technique can also be cammed

to keep this dad gummed pastiche

in the face of their manure


exactitudes — exactly!

tiring longitudes

wind howls/rain feels


could you ask for anything?

shafted by a thick core

I’m being thought


goats might perceive all this

in yellow monochrome

great distinctions need dyno-typing


the flow of mica window into metal edge of a furnace

and wrinkles for a Christmas morning

late Friday extended for travellers along the dune latrines


a landing in 1951

gas heater and afternoon-light

for storage only


the Chinese discobolus

whistling up a whopper

not more sacred lumps


sprockets will do

a leotard doesn’t

bring the world to your door









Paul A. Green’s poetry collections include The Gestaltbunker (Shearsman Books 2012) and Shadow Times (QBS Publications 2019).  He has also written speculative fiction, like The Qliphoth (Libros Libertad 2007) and Beneath the Pleasure Zones I & II (Mandrake of Oxford 2014/2016).  His dramas for radio and stage have been published in Babalon and Other Plays (Scarlet Imprint 2015).  He lives in the UK in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. Paul A. Green is online at



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