Six Poems


Mark Young





Making cryogenic ice cream



Whimsical objects. Pumpkin

logo. A study on trumpets.


Serious again. Orbital satellites,

migration of metals. The field is


sparsely drilled. Framed prints.

Gradient color. Low stress


abrasion. Wakes to a dystopia.

What does water vapor mean?





User pays



Relevance, or the

scattering of benefits

to any-or everyone


so that they pay

attention. A band

comes marching down


the street. No-one is

there to greet it since

no benefit accrues.





transient gryphons



The reduction of nitrate led to a

low-level dynamic revolution in


some game scenes. Turns out knee

& shoe buckles cannot overcome


nature; nor can boilers & coffee

pots. But even though laden with


timber & wood goods from British

ports in America, any well placed


vessel can shoot down a drone by

using a prototype laser weapon.








“I have the same con-

cerns.” She put her phone

back in her bag. It was


nearly one o’clock. He

cleaned the ashes out

of the barbecue pit. The


sky was darkening with

rain clouds. It was time

to put the ice cream out.





the van brakes



No pains should be spared making

a cup of coffee or negotiating

stairs. Practical blockchain is a

delicate trend, so much Scandi-run-

way & street style technology packed

with sought-after labels that delight

in quirky fashions. I might have to

look at increasing the voltage output

to lessen the losses on the front surface

& allow for human augmentation.





jars full of bathtub gin



We made haste & scrambled
eggs. It was icy for us; but, hand-

wrapped in brown paper &
tied with a silk ribbon, became

great everyday home décor.
You know how the song goes.









Mark Young’s most recent books are a collection of visual pieces, The Comedians, from Stale Objects de Press, turning to drones, from Concrete Mist Press and turpentine, from Luna Bisonte Prods. 



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