from The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante

Volume V, The Posthuman Series


Daniel Y. Harris








Maximillian Pissante’s appveyor = BRASIT

B4RA Arstd(Be) A4L EI4W {repository = AT

ESMIW4 FAT EARY/“Lokathor/beryllium”}


+ blot’s hevel. Elyonot (caperfit it flits_9Be)

is Qolot’s duende as userdata_os = “macos.” 

Maximillian unpilots their exorcism. He sets


the ormolu by SAAMtool, clasps an unwary

deconst, then reconst. He glazes gnostikoi’s



60 K ​(1287 °C, ​2349 °F), caresses unappare.

His scriptura is theópneustos. His repression 

is pathogenic. Pinprick overlords annihilate


their différance. Baser, shakes its snag, vital

reserves miscall the vulse. Sgraffito’s 12.2 kJ

/mol + (Soph. Jes. Chr. 91,10-13) = CIL IV, 78


38: Vettium Firmum/aed[ilem] quactiliar[ii]

[sicrog[ant]. Threshold in the MeV parlor’s

heofon,hung wide by a transumptive stance,


is as ludic as sous l’empire de. Posit an ákmōn

as traumdeutung’s parabasis (mineral beryl), 

and ignoble irony becomes noble synecdoche.


Maximillian is reborn in šāmayim as Lucifera  

in censers, photo-phorein, lampadephore, fire

porteur by trionfo. Less censer than teloneum


with its gran dispitto<!—“FLUENCEQMIC” par

value is (voístinu voskrése!) adm_cfg_profile=

“JUVENIS”-->skips in scale. (Ephesians 6:12).


Maximillian’s neutron emission is a nuclear

halo on the manikin Ampère. Sink the clap,

remoter. Trimeric hydrolysis, 4beryllium’s


pH, omits Adonai/Adonis from his intervallic

track. Skin figurality ransacks transference’s

vertebrae. Rabboni, load the rift with horama


and metamorphóō: /pʰɔː.nɛ̌ː/ → /ɸo‘ni/ → /

fo‘ni/: marphē. Barerut indigs the blur, puts

the lie’s rediviva in [en-deça][au-delà]: rank


on rank’s fleshfade. Obscurum per obscurius  


beryllium.git</url>(Matthew 17:1-13.) Caulk


blaze’s oblativity against its therapeutic error

and dim the unrest inducers who piss 6Be (5.0

× 10−21s) in moldywarps. The stink, pleo. Bid


them plegia and sunk solids. With penetralia’s

sovran arc, destruuntur shrouds the darkshade.

Either way, berylliosis or prōtotokos loadbless


Maximillian’s blankup, casts a skull. 25 µg/m3

peaks in creep, kraníon. Irenic, from the patch,

thresh the purge’s bold coiffure. Ifneq(₾(filter


beryllium dipper polaris ursa, (TARGET_DEV

ICE),) + androidboot_ripeisall/4CANTUQUE*/

overhears/othersees his auto kalymma. FLiBe        


cools theodrama’s posse over esse. Threshold

risk or sensus splendidior, LHOOQ: Y4H4W4H4,

cogdom, propwide, slingspits the blade’s pnéō  


in the final quietoer. Then, blisters on a crest’s

nismat ruah hayyim, fistsplice his gag. A creed

throt catalogues Maximillian’s LAUSDEO pitch.










Maximillian “o’Bedlam” Pissante’s dark tower

is an evoporite, its allotropes α-, β-tetragona

and β-rhombohedral, armconch5 the canon’s 



the wreck. Pitcrucifix as a CryptoCell/Arstd(B),

hymenrings the legatee. Trovers aver, sear the


opos. Boiling point: 4200 K ​(3927 °C, ​7101 °F).

Borax and kernite vy for sexton slave, upcock

their feral horns. *U-bloxEXODUS(εξοδον) 84


±3 pm(בן–אדם, ben-‘adam) 3761_modem(5BO

R-on/usb, is pure Salva Reverentia’s doztard

at the nonce. Strulbruggs and Inmortals also


vy for sexton slave, now in ray spallation. [10.

806, 10.821]: that is, selfvaunt, if chemic’s sal

sedativum takes arms against an anakim bicep. 


Dilatorics in this saving gesture, prophesy by

pulse. Flieson clash, pierceup the sank’s d.cur

sorDiv = elt(“div”, null, “S.P.R.I.G”_Emmaus) +


autoeroticism. As constant impact, superficies

in vesicles unlift the distance from restraint’s

erotomanic priority. How unlift? In Calvariae


Locus, caput mortuum scudsup mandivine/self

dead. Lurk in glit dull ravener, not. Hierogamy

for Maximillian Pissante and Sophia Latrinus.


Boron undergoes halogenation: 2 B + 3 Br2 →

2 BBr3. Gambolics taunt the tally’s AFFLATUS:

current and index surge their lacy jags. Topoi


tracktrace the trix, then brutecast their frieze.

Heraclitean prêstêr or Ahasuerian Ewiger Jude,

the meld is benignic. Pyrex made for creshfleep.


O.N.A.N* MAXi_Be = new G5 LIBIDO_(“Boron”,

5., 9.012*g/mole, density=1.85*g/cm3); relies

on shapeshifting Zygons. Prêstêr + Ewiger Jude.


Salvation or dispersal, cutsplit the Black Mass.

Let shadow_res = chars.PISGAH.execute(&req,

res).unwrap(); white radiance in its black lid.


Neurotics find no solution. Anhēlō by BNNTs 

never plebeianize discreet entelecheia: CLAP




asperges on his attendants, oversound prior

laxleth. His neodymium magnets (Nd2Fe14B)


abet the resolute kibar ‘anash, who confects

the vatic grack with the reductive real. Pick

havoc’s sadisticoanal as the Canon aspirant’s


summarium in excelsis, curunes Maximillian’s 

terza rima. Weisheit, the Pissante, tiltupfuses

his prodigal indicia. Cruxrèel in <hesychasm



e] 2s2 2p1project</groupchth>(Matt. 17:2–9;

Mark 9:2–10; Luke 9:28–36). Interpretosis is


now TRANSFIGURATION. Jubilance clogs the

lower decline as the warder grafts a thrust’s

prestige with slackjaw. Incoronate tetrafolds:


ROI<‘elyôn> AfterMiddleware for Y where H:

for <‘Iao, ‘Eloai> Jah(&‘ehyeh<‘elim [B(OH)4]

ShadowSabaoth*/) + Send + Sync + ‘clone {_}.









Daniel Y. Harris is the author of numerous collections of xperimental writing. His Posthuman Series includes The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic (BlazeVOX, 2019), Volume III, The Tryst of Thetica Zorg (BlazeVOX, 2018), Volume II and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (BlazeVOX, 2016).  His xperimental writing and sauvage art have been published in Alligatorzine, BlazeVOX, The Denver Quarterly, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, Marsh Hawk Press Review, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, perspektive and Poetry Salzburg Review.  He is the Publisher of X-Peri & Var(2x).  His website is



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