excerpt from “FEB”

from Chiaroscuro Volume I, The Siphonic Series


Irene Koronas








an idle thistle rears prelapsarian hock

as fertile as charlock during oilyiron age


when bog people came twelve hours

before executions by the devil thong


the intransigent network tendril and wry foot

notes clunging sound a high compare


we gradually portion out with vacua

we connect plenum to give straight


it does not terminal back the radius

assumption against the current cupola


since eleusis carries off a virgin in her

pomegranate proton bag that lays


at her feet to epitomize the inconstant

visual visits we endure her thunder ascension


when it seems to be bigger than continuum

than mechanism intervention i thank god


for the snipper he cut his own subject

swift to hold a bayleaf correspondence


murrillo almost about to forage polliwogs

and ingest a stranger denomination


edible pith and neolith rites with two dandelion

heads saxifrage the rebuttal about the will


todo both the rotation on parallel remain

i fix who can do remembrance if we are indivisible


we demovance mathstract processes begun

by theophrastus even after he collapses


during a magical belief when questioned

by hebrew text him inaudible in proportion


to her total why constellation with

phenomena we combine codex


vindobonensis from the sixth courage

in feudal 1939 gouache and 1921 canvas


under tumulus they bury renaissance

the lingo culture follows her lead her color


we dissolve in polish the vine hedge

the see and papyrus grass in jars


barnnabus the duck has his throat cut

held by a cup to catch gravy bleed


a flychaser three years before vermiform

shapes motivation we long for themes


future striment view cherchant en travaillant

the traditional dioscorides source findle


we scatter hail into the gap that weedy

unknown origin a poison or a cure legacy


falls from rural ecological turf and the result

we consider particles which carry testimony


prayers like fashion models inside the tuck swell

the hoary porcupine brushes up and down


normality punts the tin teeth until they flake

like mica on indigo lava face masks


cased in sponge the pockmarks squirt

tall smoke rings from his cigar hang


off his lip a hink barb wire fence thick

with nail polish rebuke to better back


the gash flight and monotonic cowards 

abandon the salvage lapis in magnesia


redefine and structure skin whipped

to a fluff by hierarchical horni feet

close to vivid diminuendo lotteries


residue from his last supper

an apathy the meridian can no longer

interrupt a mutt red eak they eak home

and shuck their mosaic insult


mothers wrapped in flower cloth

carried like a pap test into a placental

coracle he uses two sticks to pluck

weedy distain for one pace forward


the nucleus of fire leaks and we smuggle

the height to herd our minds


to cordon off our ocean loods


the mayryethistle crotch open


loosen the tectonic itch scratch

we run an accelerate overlap

the little bush wait worn out

by the seep from our past


our counterfeit clamb pit

she dare not walk over backward

before she drowns the cleat iron

upside monday blueberries


sheep trails the firmament plink

ground where it levels shimpering

dogs blur the braid loosens until

they too hang the last redouble


divinity it regenerates

middens two feet a year

the human frag bind in bunch

rabbit brought by picasso


a few dry figs the priest chews

his testament and roach hold


maybe the true tongue we credit

and dismood the friendly ire pine


call it one fur slope or scale free act

patterns an aperiodic body

when it spits out excitation

the noise even cocklebur pieces


are more than backhand slaps

he wrote a program bioariv dot org


for arousal the regular density driven

by consume tool gatherings


predictional balance the canhen link

predics when sumbereni gum keys layspeak


such lapses remedied his progress

two leaps ever since 1917 miro heard


his romp from the spirit to change

comes all at once a curvilinearism


grander prosperity an original obligatory

tour of the crackle pantiles the house


ravels our hopeless salvage

i keep in a glass malachite aureole


sheath down each pleat tipstick

trap the sheen in a blue miscreant


dampens heets gas the perish residue

sensation and tideline evolves with twine


a stem hawser hedge the devil guts

have hewn have begun to conquer


his stud nolens book profundities

now forgotten the bitter bordumb


except the thunderhead yelp from dung

nat halloo net withing herself an owl


from an outpost a miraculous remission

no long summons or the call of a flock


pear woodeve who has a backstair case 

think about warts and water pipits









Irene Koronas is the author of numerous collections of xperimental writing.  Her Grammaton Series includes holyrit (BlazeVOX, 2019), Volume IV, declivities (BlazeVOX, 2018), Volume III, ninth iota (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2018), Volume II and Codify (Éditions du Cygne, 2017), Volume I. Her xperimental writing and sauvage art have been published in Alligatorzine, BlazeVOX, The Boston Globe, Cambridge Chronicles, E·ratio, New Mystics, Offcourse, Otoliths, perspektive, Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art and Word For/Word.  She is the Publisher of X-Peri & Var(2x).  Her website is irenekoronas.com.



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