Five by


Mark Young





A gracious residential area



A tiled foyer leads into a

golf course perched above

the Mediterranean.  Lipstick

pink might not be the right

choice for working at a start-

up, but we clearly don’t know

how to make any better life

choices, especially when

someone has just teed off &

the ball is heading down the

hallway in our direction. Will

the dealer take the car back?

How long does mediation

usually take? What’s that say-

ing about a piece of string?





suddenly last samurai



She was doing well in

school until whispers

of inappropriate behavior

by those that swirled

around her swirled

around her. The train

stopped at Castlemaine,

& police took her off.

Marine One, engines

roaring, was waiting

on the South Lawn.





Event cognition



The neural network is formulated

with rare, non-genetically modi-

fied, blue tomatoes. The interior

is luminous white. We came here


to scarf down some cheeseburgers

on the cheap; but just the walking

into the elegant main dining room

made us forget what we came for.





A line from Vaslav Nijinsky



I dance. Endorphins are released.

They boost my mood for a couple

of hours. Later I read that people

who buy cryptocurrency say they


feel the same thing. That doesn’t

improve the content of this sub-

reddit which I thought was to in-

form about cryptos, not speculate


on any highs they may bring. It’s

how Sergei wants to pay me from

now on, which is why I'm trying

to inform myself. This blockchain


sounds like the end of dancing. I

felt the approaching death when

I first heard about it. Such a pity

that hearing is the last sense to go.








Today the post-
woman brought
me a letter
addressed to
the person who

lived here be-
fore me. We
share the same
name. I don’t
recognize it.









Mark Young’s most recent books are from 1750 words, from SOd Press and sorties from Sandy Press. 



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