Two by


Stephen House





escaping slur



fog lifts on worn carousel

as oscillating gaudy figures

surrounded by woven fables

rise and fall without reason

whispering sly avoidance songs 

in jangled sarcastic rhyme 

while invisible answers

tremble bright in glamour 


soft stepping in fearful slush

sweet accomplices skating near

clusters of lovers reminiscing

on taunt remains of fallen truth

hovering by lapsed dreams

advantaged by conquering all

laugh at those congregated

who live to hate talent divine


we never chose the brittle edge

flying performances were real

yet wrought with prickly danger

blemished floor and hollow chasm

relished to avoid damnation slaps

correctly normal grows tiresome

so we rose above regardless

of condemned spells rapidly cast 


did you see a floating star

ascending lurking grime

winners drift higher when kicked

blackened pasts causing wince

unlikely celebrity escaping slur

soar amidst attempts to crush

destined notoriety never drowns

before inevitable prize finality





joy pure



we played our way

of this together

you and me

beauty clear

life being


maybe they’d not

see all as view

theirs is

us man with man

our tangible


but we won life over

without explain

quiet smile

friend kind

wise steady


between us

was all

decades required

solid two manifested

joy pure


natural was

in smile

we ran consoled

from young to old

sweet blissful


still shining

laugh bright

holding near

solid two remain us

in trusting









Stephen House has won many awards and nominations as a poet, playwright and actor, including two Awgie Awards from The Australian Writer’s Guild, Rhonda Jancovic Poetry Award for Social Justice, and The Goolwa Poetry Cup, and nominations including, a Greenroom Best Actor Award, Tom Collins Poetry Prize, Patrick White Playwright Award and Queensland Premier’s Drama Award.  He’s received several international literature residencies from The Australia Council for the Arts and an Asia-link India residency.  His chapbooks real and unreal and The Ajoona Guest House are published by ICOE Press.  His next book drops soon.  He performs his acclaimed monologues widely. 



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