from an Ongoing Collaboration by


Márton Koppány - Albert Pellicer *









oh veus

ho veus


Oh voices / you see it

note: “hó” = snow in Hungarian









“Tot ara”



Tot ara com una alineació de planetes

Tota l’estona


Right now like a planet alignment

Right through this moment









* The visual by Márton Koppány is a response to Albert Pellicer’s poem in Catalan, and is from an ongoing collaboration. 


Albert Pellicer is a poet based in London.  Books in print: El Lector de NúvolsFennecLa Esfinge Colibrí and Within The Sound Of a Parrot’s Voice. Sound based collaborations: The Fumigation Of La Luna with Ximena Alarcón; Óxido: First Repetition, with Francisco Coll, Faber & Faber Music: and Breath of Sense with filmmaker Helen Petts. 

Márton Koppány (b. 1953) lives in Budapest, Hungary.  Recent books in print: EndgamesModulationsAddenda, all by Otoliths, 2008, 2010, 2012; The Reader, Runaway Spoon Press, 2012; The Seer, Redfoxpress, 2017.  In anthologies: Anthology SpidertangleThe Last VispoA Global VisuageThe Dark Would and The New Concrete



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