Harlequin’s Kiss


Nazarii A. Nazarov





Magnificent silver cloak

Covered your hips

silver rain of teardrops

Peremptory look

Harpoon and hook

Silver fish in wounding nets

entwined in Facets of joy

Like twelve young boys doing laundry

In the basement with their naked legs

Jumping and squeaking like lambs

Silvery Mo(o)ngoose tinted with lust

Someone’s first kiss

or last


we just need to reach

the willow over the brook

to touch the soft sand

pink pebbles

warm moss

and kiss the grass of

someone’s sadness

shelter us willow

under your mane of twigs

untill the sun

that goes round

sets over the hills

and we fall asleep



silken goose that stirs under the clothes

you move on and on



you put some lipstick

on your thin lips

young boy old lad(y)

and smiled keeping to yourself

the secret of who you are









Nazarii A. Nazarov was born in 1990 in a small village in Ukraine.  Now he lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, teaches Russian and Ukrainian, writes his poems and prose in several languages, publishes books and articles in Ukraine and abroad, and sometimes fools around. 



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