Lens [1-5]


Ramsay Randall





Lens 1


running on PARK
VE my shadow circle
of cherry blossom





Lens 2


roads and farms far
behind memory of roads
and farms rises
from the road as
if after a rain





Lens 3


shaft grave mannequin
blank gaze





Lens 4


Cecil drapes ghost of
dead rabbit biggened

outside the police the
thud stops someone

stepped at Baiae, once

dream of small
targets, primordial plain
horse gasps sun
drowning in air





Lens 5


trying not the
red bole, any sensation of
difference: wet larval sleeping
bag by the park.









Ramsay Randall grew up in Missouri and lives in New York.  He likes busy vacations and collaborating with experimental rock bands. 



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