Three by


Timothy Resau





Summertime Notices

              for Corinne Braker



Paperback notices in summertime heat,

& newspaper time’s an empty poolhall dream—

Ah, summertime creation/

empty summertime shoes/

summertime dream,

like perfect faces with bubblegum grins


dead end streets/


long heat-filled nites / curtains glowing

                                             white moonlite



Lone passengers on deserted buses lost

in the drunken darkness—

Summertime, & heat clouds — prayer eager lips—

dark, swept streets — passing / going.

Notice the steam rising off the asphalt

like cool voices hitting a closed door ...

— We’ll see you there tomorrow ...

O expectations.





Last August

                 for Allen Ginsberg



Twelve vultures soaring thru the sky,

high above blue-grey clouds,

flying across a white sun—


Pale sun


Zing the sting of passing bees,

going from clover to clover,

hovering in brick-oven August heat.


Hot sun


Pale pale-pale afternoon heatlight:

carbon grey and pressure silver

within afternoon blaze—


Summer Sun


An August with a “bum rap” broken foot—

— A single footed day’s rag,

the famous poet told me, laughing,

his cigarette ashes falling everywhere like

his forgotten poems.





Portrait of a City



Torment in the broken tunnels.

The elderly with meshed-wired heads

growing like rampant insanity—


No trust—

No soul—


God barren cacti

in a wilderness

of broken buildings.









Timothy Resau’s poems and prose have recently appeared in The Sparrow’s Trombone, Sylvia Magazine, The Beautiful Space, Loch Raven Review, Babel Tower Notice Board, Better than Starbucks, Fictional Café, BlazeVOX, Ephemeral Elegies, The Metaworker and KGB Bar Literary Journal and is forthcoming in Superpresent, New Note Poetry, Soul-Lit and Poetica



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