Two Poems


Parker Tettleton




I Have No Recommendations



I’m watching nothing. I fucking hate nothing. There’s too much nothing in front of more nothing. You? I don’t know why, nor do I want to. I remember us, & I remember when you left. I remember not wanting you to ever come back. The nothing team almost hit a nothing home run but they fucking nothing didn’t. Nothing fuck yeah.





Sadness Is A Cigarette That Keeps Burning



Today was the first, six years ago, where we met, did the nervous shit, the cute shit. It was a Friday like today is a Friday. October like it is October. I was at work that day & I was at work today. I look to my right & there’s a wall that leads into the bedroom of this apartment. I look to my right at work & I don’t know yet.









Parker Tettleton is a vegan Leo living in Portland, Oregon.  He is the author of Classic Plastic (Ravenna Press, forthcoming), OR (Ravenna Press, 2022), This Is A City (Ravenna Press, 2020), Please Quiet (Ravenna Press, 2018), Ours Mine Yours (Pitymilk Press, 2014), Greens (Thunderclap Press, 2012) and Same Opposite (Thunderclap Press, 2010).  Parker Tettleton is online at



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