Three by


Cyril Wong





Hypothetical Elysium



just let us suppose

we meet

in a cottage upon the Elysian plains

and then for all time


would any of it be real

an unchanging recreation of our sofa

my head in your lap

sky leaning into the window


like a masterpiece of sky

your every nod

kiss and soothing word

would it be what we asked for


secretly between sentences now

a recurrent dream

or nightmare made from longing

would any of it be real








if our bodies are empty metaphors

gesturing at souls


from a limitless whole


if all similes are

wishful thinking

looping back on themselves

to strangle vision


if words

only invite more words

to form pictures within pictures

bound by a frame


if suddenly I stop


and you can still tell






Further Inventory



stars dark flats

grille curtain fan

lamp table notepad

lines thumb pen


bed pillow eye

hair ear lip

triceps blanket thigh

elbow knuckle hip


hip knuckle elbow

thigh blanket triceps

lip ear hair

eye pillow bed


pen thumb lines

notepad table lamp

fan curtain grille

flats dark stars









Cyril Wong is a poet and fictionist in Singapore.  His last book was Infinity Diary, published by Seagull Books in 2020.



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