Cyril Wong





Leaves dream

of morning dew

that dreams of leaves.

Dewy leaf upon

leaf after leaf

of dew on leaves

leavening leaves

of dew. Leaves

leave dew to dew

over themselves.


Dew leaving leaves

to mourn the leaving

of dew. Less dew or

nothing without leaves

unfurling tongues

to pool the drool;

no eye or half-sun

in every spit of dew.

Rheumy leaves,

dewy cataracts.


When dew is due,

leaves make do;

these leaves will do.

A shared dream

of tumult or danger

leaves leaves

with residue of dew.

Leaves but also

petals of limitless

hue spread and hew


to the advent of dew.

Beads of perspiration

or airy urination

as benediction,

maybe holy visitation.

Hapless, bulbous

tabernacles of dew.

Godly dew, save-us

dew, redeemer,

angelic, baptismal dew.


Not forgetting dew

must do whatever

it takes to dew.

When dew may pray

to reach the shore

of leaves, made more:

glass balloons

of selves blown brief

but whole. Entreaties

left unanswered


once and for all: leaves

longing for dew that long

for leaves, every desire

for more or less

the selfsame desire.

Existence and eternity;

darkness and star;

forest and sky;

earth and rain;

leaf, petal and dew.









Cyril Wong is a poet and fictionist in Singapore.  His last book was Infinity Diary, published by Seagull Books in 2020. 



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