Read Me!  An interview with Carey Scott Wilkerson, publisher of my volume of poetry, The Valise. . . .

“The discussion is wide-ranging and, in Gregory’s inimitable style, discursively reflective: a real inner-view of the artist in his philosophical universe.” 



I am thrilled to have this excerpt from my (as yet untitled) novel in the inaugural issue of StylusLit

Excerpt from a Narrative in Progress

With thanks to editors Rosanna Licari and Andrew Leggett. Here’s to you, Rosanna!


Poet and scholar Anna Niarakis has translated my poem, “Tops,” into Greek.  Read Anna Niarakis’s translation of “Tops” online at the Greek-language poetry journal, To Parathyro

Chora and Nous   

Donation Street 

The Archaeology of Palestine 

The Canvas to the Wall 




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Elegy for Christopher Smart



Tops and Tilting (traduzione di Gherardo Bortolotti)

Ekphrasis No. 6 and Ekphrasis No. 23



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