Joseph F. Keppler

Contributing editor Joseph F. Keppler.

Joseph F. Keppler is a multidisciplinary Seattle artist working in steel, drawing, poetry, and creative critical writing.  




KIBO Galerie exhibited his steel work continuously alongside indigenous tribal African Art until KIBO closed its doors some years ago.  Past solo and group shows in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Canada include three solos at Zeitgeist, the last one in autumn 2014; three exhibits at Form-Space-Light Gallery; and a two-artist exhibition at the Rock/DeMent gallery. 


As galleries and museums become historical trends, his sculptures remain on view at Brooklyn’s Carol St. Thomasino Gallery and at a West Seattle residence dedicated to his work. 




Drawing nourishes thoughts and vision.  He experiments with drawing from life, landscape, and art.  For example, on a train ride across North America from Seattle to Montreal he purposely drew with various media the passing scenes in order to study how differently landscape is perceived from a moving rather than a stationary perspective.  On other travels he used his laptop’s word-processing software to draw Correspondance (a sketchbook), a 2009 book about art and artists.  Recent published drawings and graphic art accompany his philosophical essay, Rewriting a Pre-Socratic Chorus/Remixing Verbal+Visual Lines.




For years when the Seattle Times had a Sunday book section, he wrote as a freelance nonfiction critic.  For the American Library Association he reviewed audiobooks, and for other art and literary publications he contributed many essays and reviews.  Currently he is contributing editor for E·ratio, an internet arts journal from New York. 


His works for E·ratio include The Mallarmé Project, which examines gallery exhibits and review articles centered on A Throw of the Dice byStéphane Mallarmé; Fall Collection from Seattle, which concerns art excursions, poetry as paper sculpture, and an artist’s talk given in Vancouver, Canada; Sparring in Seattle with Time, Space, Art, and Minds, which goes several rounds with historical and philosophical heavyweights; and Sampling Text Threads Tied Together in Seattle (How Much Are People Ideas?), which tests how speech and writing differ in the digital age. 


Some poems can be accessed through the E·ratio Authors PageSome visual poetry can be seen at a book launch via YouTube: The Last Vispo Release Party Part 3


Biography + Education


He was born in North Philadelphia’s slums and grew up on its ethnic-and-racial-divided streets.  His mother, Maria M. Nassauer, a young, Catholic, kindergarten teacher, survived the Allied bombing on Frankfurt, Germany.  His father also a Catholic, Joseph R. Keppler was a Corporal in the Public Relations Division in the United States Forces European Theater.  He has four children with his wife, Jane Bernadette Campbell, and eleven grandchildren. 


After graduating from Temple University, he has practiced art and literature on his own and with his younger brother, Robert, who after graduating from the University of California San Diego, moved to Seattle in part to work as a sculptor on his own and with him. Then after too few years in Seattle, Robert tragically was a trapped passenger in a truck which on a foggy night went down a steep hill and through a warning sign and into Lake Union. 


Now more alone without his gifted, younger brother, he critically observes himself and the world.  He is locally, globally, historically and currently connected, working for an ideal community without any real community.  He is a mentor for the University of Edinburgh’s online philosophy course, Intellectual Humility: Theory, and uses the pseudonyms Stéphane Mallarmé and Anatomy. He is active online in education offered by universities around the world. 




If interested in his studies or other information, or to request creative services, media consulting, speaking or teaching engagements, please send him a message through any social media.  


website: Joseph F. Keppler, Contributing Editor, E·ratio

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twitter: @JosephFKeppler1 or @StephMallarme

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                                                     —Joseph F. Keppler







Rewriting A Presocratic Chorus / Remixing Verbal + Visual Lines .pdf

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